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The Right Details for the Wool Coats

Ponchos, parcas, wool, the winter coats are beautiful and create an amazing look! Now all you need to do is learn when to use each one and what models you can’t miss in your wardrobe

The coats are even the perfect piece for those who want to give up the look, but cannot invent much, especially in the corporate environment. With dresses or skirts, trousers or jeans, we have separated the models of coats that will take to the streets on those colder days, and below we help you to match them. It’s you warm and charming all winter long. Take a look.


The aviator model – the one with leather in white or ivory synthetic collar – fell in love with it-girls. Besides being super warm, he looks beautiful in more informal looks and marries well with tight dresses and ankle boots. Ah, who is fuller can also wear this model of coat at ease, after all, even though it is tighter, he draws attention to his lap and disguises the unwanted fat belly.

Wool coats

Classic womens wool coat whether ¾ or 7/8, are well-knit and go well with everything. Legging, dresses, dress pants, skirts or jeans. To make the look even more elegant, we recommend wearing them with heeled sandals or scarpins. If you like the practicality of athleisure, the trend that mixes social clothes with sneakers, it is best to wear a very long coat, paired with little shorter pants, showing the ankles. It is beautiful and beyond modern.


For those who don’t know, the spencer is nothing more than a short jacket. It should be avoided by those who have wide hips, as the model ends exactly in this region, highlighting the area. To match it, just make short or midi skirts , preferably tight . If you prefer pants, prefer models with straight cuts. This is combined with silk shirt looks beautiful.


Perfect for those who work abroad and need to keep warm even in a more formal production. The current models of blazers also have shoulder pad, which gives a more modern touch to the piece. Finished at the hips, they look even better with skinny pants. My fashion tip is to wear it with the sleeves rolled up and a nice mix of bracelets. Wow!!


Whether they are jeans, or bombers, the jackets are perfect for those looking for a sportier look and still need to disguise the belly and arm fat as they are wider. With front zipper or buttons, the jackets allow you to make up the production with turtleneck blouses, jeans, fun shirts and cool sneakers.

Trench coat

We particularly love this coat model! Jokers, they look good for any woman. The shorter ones can combine them with high boots and high heels, so they gain the illusion of a few inches more in height. It is also worth matching the trench coats with dresses (long or short) and tights. The belt, present in most trench coats, helps to narrow the waist and disguise the hips. Many are still nylon, perfect fabric for rainy days.